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The eValid product and technology is protected under one or more of these issued patents: US Patent No. 7,231,606 (12 June 2007); US Patent No. 7,757,175 (13 July 2010); US Patent No. 8,327,271 (04 December 2012); US Patent No. 8,392,890 (05 March 2013); US Patent No. 8,495,585 (23 July 2013); US Patent No. 8,650,493 (11 February 2014); US Patent No. 8,683,447 (25 March 2014); US Patent No. 8,984,491 (17 March 2015); US Patent No. 10,489,286 (26 November 2019); and other US Patents applied for by Software Research, Inc. Please contact Software Research for information about licensing eValid products or technology.

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eValid™, e-Valid™, E-Validate™, eValidate™, eValidator™, Test Enabled Web Browser™, RealClient™, Automatic Output Synchronization™, Adaptive Playback™, LoadTest™, The Internet Quality Authority™ Ask Dr. Test™, Quality Week™, Software Quality Week™, International Software Quality Week™, International Internet Quality Week™, QualiTest™, S-TCAT™, SMARTS™, STATIC™, STW™, STW/Advisor™, STW/Coverage™, STW/Developer™, STW/Load™, STW/Regression™, T-SCOPE™, TCAT™, TCAT/C-C++™, TCAT™, TCAT for Java™, TCAT-PATH™, TestHarness™, TestWorks™, TestWorX™, TestWorx™, TestWorkX™, True-Time™, WebSight™, WebTestWorks™, WebTrustWorks™,

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